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Vine Brook Tavern


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Review: Vine Brook Tavern – A Gem in Lexington, MA

We all get into ruts. From the stuff we watch on TV to the food we put on our table each night, there are definite patterns we fall into and sometimes it gets boring. In fact, as the weather turns harsher and we spend more time at home, I find that I start watching the same shows and eating the same meals over and over.

Luckily, we live in a region where the variety of restaurants serves to jolt us out of our boring ruts with fun, tasty options in settings that are comfortable and fun. One such place is the Vine Brook Tavern in downtown Lexington, MA. My wife and I were guests of the Tavern the other night and here’s how they effectively entertained us and our tastebuds.

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Vine Brook Tavern